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Our 4th store tournament for X-wing goes down tonight!!!! It doesn't matter what faction you will be flying, it doesn't matter what upgrades you take; everything will be decided on the tabletop!!!
Our Board game night is a great way to break up that midweek hum-drum. We have over 90 demo games that are available to play for FREE!!!! If you come and play a board game on Tuesday night you will receive a FREE raffle ticket. The ticket enters you into two awesome drawings at the store; at the end of the night one lucky winner will receive $20.00 gift card to the store and then on the final Tuesday of the month that same ticket is entered into a drawing for a free board game! We hope to see you around the tables soon!
Every Monday Nerdvana hosts a 7pm draft. The Event can get some pretty big numbers so the earlier you sign up the better. We urge everyone to come about 20 mins early so they can be registered and the event can start promptly.
+2 Comedy Hosted By Will Millar and Noah Houlihan are a great nerd comedy duo that hosts a weekly podcast in the store with weekly guests and crowd participation. The podcast is hilarious and a fun way to shed the Monday blues.
This is our 1st Star Wars Armada event at the store. Please Come out and participate to make the event a smash hit!!!!
Force of Will Tournament starting at 6pm! Sealed Pre-release event, $20 Entry, six packs to build your deck with, participation card, and mats for the winner!
This is our first pre-release event for Moonlite Savior and we believe it will be a great turn out.Force of Will Tournament starting at 6:30pm! Sealed Pre-release event, $20 Entry, six packs to build your deck with, participation card, and mats for the winner!
Every Friday Night we host a MTG Draft Event. The Draft currently is Oath/Oath / Zendikar. Our Friday nights draw in a ton of players!!!! Once we hit 8 people on our draft list we fire the event, and we continue to do so all night long. Our last event will start up as late as midnight. The amount of potential events is stritly only limited by our space. It is meant to accommodate the busiest of schedules to the best of our ability!!! We hope to see you around the tables soon.
Every Friday night we host our FREE Friday Night Standard Event. This event is designed to help new players compete in our entry level magic event without hesitation. The Tournament kicks off at 7pm, make sure to be here about 15-20 mins early so we can make sure you are registered and seated so the event can fire on time without delays.
Nerdvana is hosting its monthly Force of Will Draft Tournament tonight. This is a special once per month event so you don't want to miss out!!!!
Wyrd Games describes their game as " Based in an alternate Earth, Malifaux uses gothic, steampunk, and victorian horror with a dose of the wild west to inject fun and depth into the magical lawlessness of a world rife with monsters, necropunks, man-machine hybrids, gunslingers, and powerhungry politicos." Malifaux is a great skirmish game set in a victorian wyrd wild west setting that combines tabletop wargame strategy with unique resource management. We are doing demos every Monday while the league is in session. Make sure to stop by and try out a game or two!!!
Warhammer 40k is one of those great miniature games that many of us have played, or have always have wanted to check out. Kill teams is a small scale affordable way to try out this game without committing a ton of time or resources. Come check out a game or two! Dice start to roll at 6pm!!!
Oath of Gatewatch pre-release weekend!!!
We have finally got ourselves a website!