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Nerdvana Warhammer 40k- Painting Competition

Friday November 1 at Nerdvana Games and Comics, 3003 English Creek Ave, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234, USA

We're hosting a two-part event consisting of a Painting Competition which will roll into the store's December 40k Tournament (12/8/19). Specifically... November 1st will kick off our Painting Competition. To compete, you must purchase a model playable in Warhammer 40k with the VEHICLE keyword. You can purchase it from wherever you please, but in order to compete in the competition you'll still have to register in store (entry fee is $10) and provide proof that the model kit you purchased was on sprue and unpainted before November 1st. For those that wish to purchase their model in-store, your entry fee will be waived. Again, any model with the corresponding VEHICLE keyword is acceptable for this competition. For kits that include multiple models, such as Harlequin Skyweavers, only one model from that unit can be used for entry. All entries will be due in store by closing, November 30th (Saturday), to be displayed anonymously during the week of December 1st through to the 7th, for voting by customers. The winner will be determined by which model has received the most votes at closing on December 7th. Winner will receive a certificate, three (3) additional command points to use during the 40k Tournament, as well as $50 store credit. All participants of the Painting Competition will receive a random Elite Vehicle Asset (from the Tank Shock guide) to be used during the December Warhammer 40k Tournament (December 8th, 2019).