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Nerdvana: Star Wars Legion Gathering Forces League

Monday January 6 at Nerdvana Games and Comics, 3003 English Creek Ave, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234, USA

We are running a Gathering Forces League for Star Wars Legion to encourge the recent excitement over this fantastic game!<br>Entry: Purchase of $10 store credit onto your account.<br><br>You will play 8 Games in the league in any order, at any time. Two games each at the following point levels, unit compositions, and rules. All games will use the Key Positions objective card, Battle Lines deployment, and Clear Conditions condition card.<br>Round 1: games 350 points, 3'x3' board, 65 minutes<br><ul><li>1 Commander Unit</li><li>2-4 Corps Units</li><li>0-1 Special Forces Units</li><li>0-1 Support Units</li><li>0 Heavy Units</li></ul>Round 2: games 500 points, 3'x3' board, 75 minutes&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><ul><li>1 Commander Unit</li><li>2-4 Corps Units</li><li>0-2 Special Forces Units</li><li>0-2 Support Units</li><li>0-1 Heavy Units</li></ul>Round 3: games 650 Points, 3'x6' board, 90 minutes&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><ul><li>1-2 Commander Units</li><li>3-6 Corps Units</li><li>0-2 Special Forces Units</li><li>0-2 Support Units</li><li>0-1 Heavy Units</li></ul>Round 4: games 800 Points, 3'x6' board, 120 minutes<br><ul><li>1-2 Commander Units</li><li>3-6 Corps Units</li><li>0-3 Special Forces Units</li><li>0-3 Support Units</li><li>0-2 Heavy Units</li></ul>Operational Achievement: At the start of each game, each player secretly chooses one of their units, writes it down and hands it to a staff member. If a player defeats their oponents chosen unit they receive an operational acheivement for that game.<br><br>Major Achievement: If a player earns seven or more victory points from objectives over the course of their games they receive a a major acheivement for the league.<br><br>Victory points! When all participents have played their 8 games, or at the end of the league on 2/2/20 victory points will be totaled for each player.&nbsp; During games, as per the Key Posistions objective players will earn between 0 and 3 victory points per game.&nbsp; Players will earn one point each time they get an operational acheivement and 2 points for a major acheivement.&nbsp; Players will get 3 points for painting at least half of their 800 point force and 6 points if it is fully painted.<br><br>Prizes:<br>Store credit prizes to the highest victory point earners depending on participation! Additional promo cards and materials as per store supply! Winners announced February 3rd!